Business Case Competition 2021

Take a Role of a Consultant and Solve a Business Case.

Enjoy the Challenge, Meet People from Around the World.

Learn how to Identify Problems, Find Solutions, Provide Recommendations,  Implement Ideas and more.


The Business Case Competition brings the Harvard Business School Case Method into a global competition format for teenagers and professionals to challenge and improve their critical thinking and business communication skills. The competition will be held online, which will allow them to build essential remote cooperation skills and foster international friendships and networks.



Registration Fee:
USD 130 per person
USD 200 per team (2-4 people)

Group A: born between 1 January 2006 and 31 December 2008


Registration Fee:
USD 130 per person
USD 200 per team (2-4 people)

Group B: born between 1 January 2002 and 31 December 2005


Registration Fee:
USD 150 per person
USD 240 per team (2-4 people)

Group C: Full-Time/Part-Time Undergraduate Students
no upper age limit


Registration Fee:
USD 160 per person
USD 280 per team (2-4 people)

Group D: Any person wishing to take part in the competition

Registration Deadline:

10 June 2021

* Application Deadline: 10 June 2021
* Opening Ceremony: 11 June 2021
* Pre-Competition Case Analysis Workshop: 11 June 2021
* First Round Case Distribution: 11 June 2021
* First Round Video Submission Deadline: 18 June 2021
* First Round Results Announcement: 21 June 2021
* First Round Debrief: 21 June 2021
* Final Round Case Distribution To Finalists: 21 June 2021
* Final Round Live: 26 June 2021
* Online Award Ceremony: 26 June 2021
* Final Round Debrief: 26 June 2021

Selection of Participants
Participants may compete individually or in a team.
Each team may consist of two to four participants in their age category.

Rules for Participants


  1. All live sessions will take place on the Zoom platform. Participants are advised to use a headset and be in a quiet space with a good Internet connection for better audio quality.
  2. Any video recordings of participants must be done in one take, with no editing or other post-production processes.
  3. Participants consent to the presentation and recorded Q&A session being used for educational, promotional, and other purposes.

Competition Format

  1. The competition is made up of two rounds:

– First Round
– Final Round

First Round:

Participants will receive a case study and will be asked to record a 5-minute video with the case analysis on Zoom or other video conferencing platform. Each participant has to speak during the presentation. The video presentation should be supported with slides as shared screen. All participants should be visible in the video for its entire duration.

Participants will upload the video to YouTube as an unlisted video and email the link by the submission deadline. The email address will be provided in the instructions upon registration.

If the video is longer than two minutes, the jury will only look at the first two minutes and stop at precisely two minutes.

Final Round:

Selected teams will advance to the Final Round.

The Final Round will take place on the Zoom platform. Each team will be given a case study and 5 minutes for a live presentation, followed by a Q&A session with the judges.

The organisers will arrange the time slot for each presentation and Q&A session as per the competition schedule. The organisers reserve the right to change presentation times for any reason, including technical or other issues.

Participants shall enter the Zoom meeting waiting room at least 15 minutes before the start of their presentation. The Zoom meeting link or ID will be emailed in advance to participants. If participants do not receive a link at least 24 hours before their presentation, they should inform the organiser via email.

Each participant should use the background slide provided by the organisers and type in his/her full name in Zoom name field.

The Final Round will be open for the general public to observe.

Other Rules

  1. All team members are required to speak at least once in their respective presentations and Q&A sessions.


Cash/Voucher Prizes:

– First Prize for the winners in all groups: USD200 Voucher for the BCC BOOT CAMP

– Second Prize in all groups: USD 100 Voucher for the BCC BOOT CAMP

– Third Prize in all groups: USD 50 Scholarship for the BCC BOOT CAMP

– Team Case Cracking Session for the winning team in all groups

Diplomas and Certificates:

– First, Second, and Third Prize Diploma in each category

  • Special Diploma: Most Creative Solution
  • Special Diploma: Best Speaker
  • Special Diploma: Best Use of Body Language

– Individual Judge’s Diploma

– Certificate of Participation

– Impeccable Manners Award Diploma

Business Encounters

Empowering You and the Others